About Us

Thank you for choosing Pawfection, a brand new (opened May 1st, 2023) family-owned and operated pet grooming salon located in Saint Matthews.  When my husband and I built our business, we chose everything (from the pictures on the walls to the music on the speakers) to make the pets’ experience as welcoming, stress-free, calm, and enjoyable as possible.  We made sure we used reputable vendors for all of our equipment and supplies.  We did the research and the work and watched our dream become a reality.  Loyal clients followed us and new clients have sought us out.

Kevin and I have over 50 plus years of combined experience working with animals from grooming, positive reinforcement training, pet store management, veterinary care, fostering, and behavior analysis.  We truly have a passion for animals and it shows in everything we do.  We love to have playtime with our clients after the groom is over, reinforcing our belief, grooming does NOT have to be stressful and can be fun.

For us, grooming and compassion go hand in hand. We specialize in dogs other salons turn away.  We truly believe almost all dogs can be groomed without medication or sedation. We have so many success stories already and look forward to changing more lives for both the dogs and their owners.  I cannot tell you how many dog owners have cried tears of joy after seeing what we were able to accomplish on the very first visit.

Additionally, we are one of the few grooming salons that offer to work with small animals and exotics.  As a veterinary assistant for an exotic specialist, we had a lot of small animals who had grooming needs, from matting removal to a simple nail trim.  I wanted to be able to offer those same services in a relaxed environment for our little friends as well.  If you have a small animal or exotic pet, from a hamster to a 13-pound iguana (yes, I’ve trimmed iguana nails, too!) give us a call and we will try to accommodate.

We also wanted to make sure we gave back to those who have given so much to our community by offering discounts for first responders (police, fire, and EMT), military, healthcare workers, teachers, and senior citizens.  We have a loyalty program as a thank you to our clients where every 10th groom is on us and a referral program to earn credit towards their next groom.  We have partnered with local shelters and offer pro-bono grooms so these babies will start a new life clean and well-groomed.

We look forward to serving your pet’s needs.  Experience the Pawfection difference today!

-Kathy Waterbury, Owner, Pawfection Grooming Salon


Kevin Waterbury

Kevin Waterbury

Grooming Salon Manager

Kevin Waterbury discovered his passion for animals at a young age.  Working at and managing pet stores throughout his career, he realized he wanted to take a hands-on approach to animal care and stepped down from a management position to train to become a dog groomer.  It was then he realized so much was missing from the dog grooming industry because too many dogs were being turned away due to behavioral issues. Kevin began to work with these dogs and earned the “dog whisperer” nickname from his clients.  Canine and human lives were changed, calming medications were discontinued and full sedation wasn’t even an option any longer.  Kevin knows any dog can be groomed with enough patience, caring, and commitment.  He continues this commitment to all dogs in his own salon and is able to take it even further with playtime after the groom.  He truly is a passionate groomer with the drive to make sure each and every dog gets the best grooming experience possible.

Kathy Waterbury

Kathy Waterbury


Kathy Waterbury didn’t get her first dog until she was 21 years old.  Those big brown eyes, the unwavering loyalty and unconditional love led her to want to help other rescue dogs like hers.  Kathy began volunteering with a no-kill shelter, working in adoptions, fostering hundreds of dogs and cats over the years,  and eventually serving as assistant director and behavioral specialist.  She has trained 100’s of dogs, getting them adoption ready and took on the most difficult the shelter had to offer.  Over the years, she has worked in management of several pet store chains and as a veterinary assistant in an exotic veterinary practice.  Kathy wanted to take all of her experience and finally use her bachelor’s in Economics by opening her own business with her husband.  She is currently training under her husband to groom dogs and performs all small animal grooming functions and runs the day to day business finances. Her goal is to have Pawfection stand out as one of the best grooming salons that Louisville has to offer by sharing her husband’s passion for each and every dog, cat and small animal to have the very best grooming experience available.